The Nearness of You - Sarah Vaughn

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Duke Ellington with Charles Mingus and Max Roach, Money Jungle (1962)

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Mary Lou Williams.


Mary Lou Williams.


Adolphe Paul Barbarin (May 5, 1899 – February 17, 1969)

A New Orleans jazz drummer, Barbarin is usually regarded (along with Baby Dodds) as one of the very best of the pre-Big Band era jazz drummers. He studied under the famed drummer, Louis Cottrell, Sr.

Paul Barbarin’s year of birth is often given as 1901, but his brother Louis Barbarin (born 1902) said he was quite sure that Paul was several years older than he was, and Paul Barbarin simply refused to answer the year of his birth in an interview at Tulane’s Jazz Archives.

From the late 1910s on, Barbarin divided his time between Chicago, New York City and New Orleans, and touring with such bands as those of Joe “King” Oliver, Luis Russell, Louis Armstrong, and Henry Red Allen. From the 1950s on he usually led his own band. He, along with Louis Cottrell, Jr. founded and led the second incarnation of the Onward Brass Band from 1960 to 1969.

Barbarin was an accomplished and knowledgeable musician, a member of ASCAP, and the composer of a number of pop tunes and Dixieland standards, including Come Back Sweet Papa, Don’t Forget To Mess Around (When You’re Doing The Charleston), Bourbon Street Parade, and (Paul Barbarin’s) Second Line.

Paul Barbarin died on February 17, 1969 while playing a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade.

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You will never hear more America in one track then this one. Happy Fourth of July.

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The Mingus Effect

the java fires the lava flowing in my brain

hot wet sex-rider screaming stains

black cold heart bleeds lightning and rain

as the dame in tight red takes the names of

simpatico lames. bass notes cut rainbows thru me

trues me like falling ten stories into love

leaves me drunk and gliding on sweet brown

water like Jesus walking on jazz

the one and only Wanda Coleman

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All of Me - Billie Holiday

take my lips, i want to lose them

take my arms, i’ll never use them

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The one they called heretic.

The one they called heretic.

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Miles, Ella, Duke, Billie, etc. Capital Records. Hollywood, CA.

Miles, Ella, Duke, Billie, etc. Capital Records. Hollywood, CA.

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Manteca- Dizzy Gillespie & Chano Pozo

Hot sauce